2019 Travel Trends: What’s in store for next year?

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2019 Travel trends

What’s in store for 2019 Travel Trends?

Planning anything big for next year? Now is the time to start thinking about those vacation days you are going to rack up in 2019. What’s on your bucket list? We’ve compiled the latest 2019 travel trends from several sources into one easy to read article.

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2019 Travel Trends


Even though people tend to go on vacation to “unplug,” technology advances in hotels can make traveling more convenient. Hotels are working on how to integrate things like Alexa and more automated devices without taking away from customer service. The flip side is that more and more travelers are seeking destinations to recover from work burn out and escape social media and email. People will continue to seek more and more remote places to unwind.

Online Booking

Some big players (think TripAdvisor and AirBnB) are working on expanding their platforms to provide friendly, one-stop-shopping for all of your vacation planning. No more website hopping. This is great news for those who plan their own vacations and like to shop deals.

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Healthy and Active Travel

More and more people are looking to stay healthy and active while on vacation. This means more activities and a wider variety of healthy food options.  This includes yoga sessions, bicycle tours, cooking classes, spa retreats, snorkeling, hiking and more.  Authentic food experiences is also a huge trend made popular by many cooking shows.

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Off Peak Travel

Travelers are taking advantage of deals available in the off season. Cooler weather is also a great perk for many of these deals.

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Educational Trips

2019 will see a focus on travelers making choices with extra significance as they look to add more purpose to their trips. Over half (56%) of global travelers agree traveling has taught them invaluable life skills, and 2019 will see a rise in people’s desire to learn something new while traveling, as well as an increase in volunteering and skills-based vacations across generations.

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Environmentally-Friendly Travel

In 2019 environmental concerns will turn into greater environmental action. Millennials and Gen Z travelers will look for sustainable experiences in their destination, while accommodation providers will look to reduce their plastic usage and increase their sustainable credentials. Expect to see a number of new travel start-ups and individual enterprises committed to shaping a new future for our planet’s destinations emerge in the coming year, with intriguing technology at the core of their solutions.

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The Weekend Getaway

Over half of global travelers report they plan to take more weekend trips in 2019. It’s a year that’s predicted to be all about made-to-measure, bite sized travel with more curated travel itineraries squeezed into shorter time frames. There will also be an increase in the desire to stay in unique and remarkable accommodations, which will give more meaning to the shorter vacations.

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Don’t Forget…

An Emergency Medical Plan is a great investment, especially if you are traveling multiple times in one year or are traveling overseas. If you get sick or injured, the cost of out of pocket medical transportation can be as much at $100k. For less than the cost of a plane ticket your whole family can be covered.

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