5 Activities to Keep You Active on Vacation

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Sometimes laying on a beach and doing nothing sounds like the perfect vacation. Other times you might want a bit more activity to go along with your lounging. These vacation ideas are perfect for the active person, whether you are looking to pack as much physical exertion as you can into your days off, or just intersperse a few jaunts into your leisurely day.

Consider picking your destination based on your favorite activity.

Stay Active. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe. We’ll Bring You Home.

Hiking on Vacationwoman hiking near Pray Lake

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park covers over 1 million acres and features more than 700 miles of trails. Filled with lakes, mountains, and forests, the park offers an abundance of sights and varied wildlife for hikers to soak in.  Travel Channel picked this park as one of its top hiking vacations.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

Over 50,000 people annually come to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest free-standing mountain and Africa’s highest peak. You go through 5 different climatic zones to reach the summit. A trek can cost from $2400-$5000 per person. The fee includes camping, food, guides, park fees and transport to and from the mountain.

Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit

The 128-mile horseshoe-shaped route circles Nepal’s extremely high Annapurna range. It was first opened to foreigners in the early 1980s. The trek usually takes about 15–20 days, leaving from Kathmandu with a stopover in Pokhara before returning to the capital. The trail is moderate to fairly challenging and makes numerous river crossings over steel and wooden suspension bridges. Tea houses and lodges along the circuit are available for meals and accommodations. Some groups may opt for tents but these are typically only for those destined for side trips away from lodges such as climbing a peak

Bicycling on Vacationshadow of a bicyle on a wooden wall

Galway, Ireland

The routes in this area of west Ireland are fairly remote and away from main tourist areas. You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery at your own pace.

La Route Verte, Canada

The Route Verte (Green Route) crosses the province of Quebec from east to west for more than 2,485 miles (4,000 kilometers). Yo will bike along rights-of-way and rural roads that are well marked and easy to follow. You will also find directions to interesting sites. The terrain varies and includes calm stretches along the St. Lawrence River to mountain views in the Laurentides.

Ruta Austral, Chile

This route runs for more than 810 miles (1,300 kilometers) on mostly graded (but unpaved) gravel. It runs from Puerto Montt in central Chile, south through Caleta Yungay to Villa O’Higgins in northern Patagonia. A bonus is that you get to enjoy a break on several ferryboats along the way. You pass through wild and beautiful landscapes, including Queulat and Cerro Castillo national parks. Large stretches of native forest and enormous ferns surround Puyuhuapi Hot Springs, near Queulat.

Munda Biddi Trail, Western Australia

Munda Biddi means “path through the forest” in the Noongar Aboriginal language. You will cycle through miles of “jarrah forest” (eucalyptus trees). The route is 206-mile (332-kilometer) long and runs from Mundaring to Collie . There are also two extensions that will take you to Albany. You may encounter forest natives like western brush wallaby, western gray kangaroos, and brushtail possum.

Swimming on Vacationwoman snorkeling in orange bathing suit

Linapacan Island, Palawan, Philippines

Situated just off the coast of Palawan, this charming island doesn’t get a lot of tourists. Although it’s not easy to get to, the snorkeling alone is worth the trip.

Dog Island, San Blas, Panama

Another great island that is not also a tourist trap. It might even offer the cleanest water in the world and one of the top snorkeling places in Guna Yala. The island is located not far east from the main Island El Porvenir.  You can reach Dog Island from the mainland in about one hour of sailing or with the water taxi’s. The shipwreck in front of it shores is amazing to explore.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

The laid back atmosphere, cheap food and drink and gorgeous beaches make this a popular spot. Of the two islands located near Phuket and Krabi, one is completely free of human inhabitants (Phi Phi Leh), and the other is without roads (Phi Phi Don). There’s no schedule, no hustle-and-bustle, no reason to be in a hurry.

Golfing on Vacationgolf course at pebble beach

Pebble Beach, California

From the Pebble Beach Website: Whether you want to play the most exciting closing hole in golf, finally master the toughest hole on the PGA TOUR or simply anticipate walking in the footsteps of golf’s greatest names, we invite you to become a part of the incomparable experience that is Pebble Beach.

From Palmer to Player, Hagen to Hogan and Tiger to The Golden Bear: Teeing up at Pebble Beach Resorts places you among the legends of golf.

Muirfield Village Golf Club, Gullane, Scotland, United Kingdom

Home to the world’s oldest golfing society, Muirfield opened in 1744. More than 200 years later, Jack Nicklaus won his first British Open here on the storied greens near Edinburgh. Most golfers consider Muirfield to be a particularly demanding test of ability.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Melbourne, Australia

Located in eastern Australia, this lovely private club has two 18-hole courses, East and West. For tournaments and special members’ events, the club forms the Composite Course of 12 holes from the West and 6 from the East. This first was created in 1959 when Royal Melbourne was the site of the Canada Cup, now called the World Cup.

Horseback Riding on Vacationline of people on horses on a trail though the woods

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, known as the “Land of Beautiful Horses” is the ideal place to explore on horseback. Horses have held a distinctive place in Cappadocia history for thousands of years and the unique landscapes around Goreme are perfect for exploring on a native Anatolian or Arabic horse – with a real Turkish cowboy!

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

A horseback safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara is the ultimate African safari. This is the land which was so loved by Ernest Hemingway and Karen Blixen. Riding through the country on horses, you breathe the dust, gallop after zebras,  share a camp with the Masai and are part of age-old Africa. The route bypasses the bustle of tourist vans, roads and lodges. You are totally cut off from the noise of the modern world and life takes on the more gracious rhythms of a bygone era.

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced horseman, enjoy an unforgettable guided expedition through woodlands rich with wildlife on a horse chosen to match your skill level. Over 8,000 acres of land with five different 10-30 mile loops and several trails include optional jumps and are suitable for carriages. Rated #3 best place in the world to go horseback riding by travelchannel.com!

One More Thing…

Staying active on vacation and in every day life is really important. Be sure you are physical fit enough to endure new adventures while away from home. If you get sick or injured we will bring you home. Make sure you have a plan that covers you if you travel more than 150 miles from home.

Don’t have a plan?


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