5 Things to ALWAYS Pack in Your Carry On

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5 things to always pack

Here are 5 things to ALWAYS pack in your carry on or suitcase for any trip!

We all have our favorite traveling outfit, traveling music list, and a good book to read. But the following 5 items are things to always pack! Don’t forget them!


You never know when you might need one. Reading on the plane, reading a map, or finding your way around your hotel room so you don’t wake someone up. If the electricity goes out in the place you are staying–you will be glad you have a flashlight. Don’t forget to check the batteries!

things to always pack

Extra socks

You never know when you might be cold or wet, or both!!

things to always pack

First aid kit

Sometimes help does not come immediately. Also, you don’t want to be searching around for a band aid in a foreign town, bleeding all over yourself.things to always pack

Empty water bottle

Water is a necessity to life, but it shouldn’t have to be necessary to spend several dollars at a restaurant or store to wet your whistle. Many restaurants in European cities charge for water. Bring your own and save a lot of money.

things to always pack

Extra copies of your papers

It’s a great idea to have copies of your passport, visa, birth certificate, and driver’s license/ID. Just in case you lose them. It can be tricky to recover these documents in a foreign country. Copies will make your life easier. Don’t pack them in the same place as the originals.

things to always pack

Now you know the 5 essential things to always pack.

What are some items that you never leave home without for a trip?

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