About Our Services

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 (and 4)

1) What We Are

Air Ambulance Card is a membership program that provides prepaid air medical services to its members, anywhere in the world, anytime. Our executives offer 55 years of combined experience in the health care and air medical fields.

Backed by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading specialty insurer, we have the resources to bring sick or injured members home from the farthest corners of the earth. With more than 50 partner aircraft stationed in 15 base locations around the world, we spring into action the second we get a call, arranging medical flights and peace of mind.

We have flown injured and ill members home from as far as Indonesia, and have transported members when they were hospitalized just a few hundred miles from home. We man the phones 24/7, waiting for the next opportunity to fly to our members’ rescue. 

2) Why You Need It

Peace of Mind
If you find yourself in an international hospital, a third-world medical facility, or only a couple of states away, we’ll fly you home to a hospital you know, to be treated by the doctor of your choice.

Protect Your Life Savings
Without our membership, it might cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to pay for one of these flights out of pocket. Once you’re covered, you never pay a dime more than your annual membership fee, and there’s no maximum dollar limit on flights.

Protect Your Family
The Caribbean might not sound like a bad place to recover from a heart attack, but imagine the cost to your family if they had to come be with you and stay in a hotel while you recover.

You May Think You’re Covered.
Many standard trip insurance and credit card policies will only fly you to the “nearest appropriate facility,” which may or may not be in your home country, and only if they deem it’s a medical necessity. Read their fine print, then look for ours. You’ll find we don’t have any fine print. We’ll fly you to any home country hospital you choose with NO surprise costs … PERIOD!

Live Life to the Fullest
We’re glad our members seek out adventure and don’t let health problems hold them back. Unlike travel insurance policies, we welcome members who’ve had previous health problems. We have no “pre-existing condition” limitations.

Why You Don´t Have It
Despite their best claims, most trip insurance policies, credit card companies, and health insurance policies WILL NOT BRING YOU HOME!

3) When You Need Us

If you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, either in the U.S./Canada or in a foreign country, and need to be transferred to another hospital as an inpatient, we arrange and pay for the medical and ground transportation to take you to the hospital of your choice in your home country. It’s that simple.

One call and our experienced team is at work for you. We coordinate with the hospital where you are located, with your regular doctor and with the hospital you want to go. We handle all the details for you and no additional cost to you. You call us at (205) 297-0060 and we take care of everything.

What you get

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation, bedside to bedside, to the hospital of your choice
  • Medical monitoring and consultation
  • Emergency message relay
  • Transport of mortal remains

Global Guardian Air Ambulance is not insurance. Our membership program is not limited by complex language, restrictions and conditions included in standard travel insurance policies.

No Fine Print!

Simply Service

  • No Medical Necessity Requirement
    A physician does not have to determine that it is medically necessary that you be transported. We only require our member to be hospitalized as an inpatient and choose to be transferred to another hospital more than 150 miles away.
  • No Nearest Appropriate Facility Limitation
    Our members choose their destination hospital! We don’t merely transport you to the “nearest appropriate facility”—which may be thousands of miles from your home.
  • No Pre-existing Condition Exclusion
    There are no medical questions on our enrollment application.
  • No Waiting Period
    Your membership is effective immediately upon enrollment with no restrictions for recent changes in medical treatment or medications.
  • No Maximum Dollar Limit
    There are no financial limitations, no claim forms and no deductibles.
  • Valid in your home country and Worldwide
    We protect you at home, traveling within your home country, or on the far side of the world.

4) How To Get It

Enrolling with Air Ambulance Card is simple and you’re covered immediately.  Sound good? Ready to get yourself and your family covered?

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