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How to Avoid Bedbugs When Traveling

hotel room with rumpled bed

Ewwwwww!!! Bedbugs!!! Nobody wants to deal with bedbugs. The mere thought of them can cause anxiety, or at least the heebie jeebies. How much of a problem are they really? Industrialized nations nearly eradicated bedbugs beginning in the 1950s with

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Top Colorado Ski Resorts

Top Colorado Ski Resorts Colorado

A break down of some of the top Colorado Ski Resorts Are you ready to hit the slopes and experience some serious powder? Colorado is one of the best states for skiing due to the fact that the state encompasses

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Where is the Best Skiing in France?

best skiing in France

A break down of some of the best skiing in France Similar to the Unites States, snow bunnies can find a wide range of resorts and trails across Europe. Some of the best spots for ski and après-ski is in

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New TSA Rules

A crowd of people in line for airport security

Keep up on the Latest Changes to TSA Rules REAL ID and Air Travel The REAL ID Act (passed by Congress in 2005) prohibits federal agencies, like TSA, from accepting licenses and identification cards for official purposes from states that

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We Have a Medical Emergency Plan for You

Medical Emergency Plan

Did you know that Air Ambulance Card has medical emergency plans for every type of traveler? Solo travelers Frequent flyer business travelers Corporate Plans Families on vacation Retirees on their dream vacation Students studying aboard Expatriates Custom Plans Check out

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Winter Vacation Getaways

Winter vacation skiing in the mountains

Whether you are looking to enjoy the wintry weather or escape–it the following winter vacation hot spots should do the trick! Winter Vacation to Enjoy the Snow Lake Tahoe, California Riding the line on the California-Nevada border, Lake Tahoe has

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2017 Travel Bucket List

bucket list 2017

Now is the time to set resolutions for 2017. Make the next year a year for travel. What’s on your bucket list? If you need ideas you could start with popular travel trends for 2017 or start TODAY planning your

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Business Class versus First Class: Is it worth it?

What really happens in First Class If you’ve never flown 1st class but have always wondered if the upgrade is worth it, than this article is for you. Economy and business class are definitely different, but all the seats on

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Crazy Town Names in the United States

Do you live in one of these towns? Have you even been to one of them? These crazy town names make you wonder how someone ever thought it was a good idea to name a town one of these choices.

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2017 Travel Trends

What are your travel plans for 2017? According to Euromonitor the following are some of the best tourism and travel trends for 2017. Ditch the Hotel and Join a Co-Living Community Co-living communities are shared spaces where people can live

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