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Thinking of taking a cruise this year?

There are so many places around the world that are cruise-worthy; from Alaska to European River cruises to family cruises. Which one is right for you and your budget?

Some things to consider:

  • Budget
  • First timer vs. experienced cruiser
  • Party vs. relaxed
  • Family vs. couple (or single)
  • Lots of destinations vs. open water
  • Foodies?
  • Adventure
  • High end with lots of pampering

We’ve narrowed it down in a few categories to hopefully make it easier to pick. Bon Voyage!

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Best Cruise Destinations

Best Cruises for Culture: Asia

Check out some ancient civilizations and discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites in almost every port.  Kyoto has 17 of them! You’ll also find:

  • temples
  • national parks
  • manicured gardens
  • local markets
  • busy cities

beast cruises for culture

Best Cruises for Variety: British Isles

Cruise by England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and discover castles, museums and history in droves. If you love to read and are up on the classics, you will find lots literary icons and book stuff to enjoy!

best cruises for variety

Best Cruises for Food & Wine: European River Cruise & Western Mediterranean

European River Cruise. Choosing the right river cruise is the hardest part. No matter what, you will be treated to excursions centered on local specialties and vineyards. Wine regions and a gastronomic capitals will open the senses and delight the taste buds.  Your experience can continue long after you have left a port by bringing your favorite finds with you aboard.

Western Mediterranean. Cruises that sail the Western Mediterranean typically have ports of call in Spain, France and Italy with several smaller stops along the way including Portugal, Canary Islands, Morocco (Casablanca and Tangier), Tunis (La Goulette), Monte Carlo and Gibralter. Please note that within these main choices, actual ports of call greatly vary depending cruise lines.

Best cruises for food and wine

Best Cruises for Surf and Sun: Eastern Caribbean

This includes U.S. and British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten/St. Marten, Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas. There is a reason  so many cruise lines include these destinations: The beautiful, aqua water and miles and miles of sand. Yes, it’s popular, and you will meet new friends, but these are some of the best beaches in the world.

best cruises for sun

Best Cruises for Families: Western Caribbean

Western Caribbean ports include Belize, Roatan and Honduras. Here you will find activities to keep everyone busy:

  • cave tubing
  • zip-lining
  • snorkeling
  • Aerial Trekking and Cave Tubing
  • Stingray City in Grand Cayman
  • Fishing
  • Cave Kayaking

best cruises for families

Best Cruises for Nature: Galapagos Islands

This South American archipelago is home to many unusual birds and critters. Its relative isolation has created a community of creatures who are surprisingly unafraid of humans. You’ll get to be up-close and personal for amazing photographs and learning opportunities.

best cruises for nature

Best Cruises for Scenery: Alaska

It’s not the warmest place to visit and the weather is unpredictable, but you will never be disappointed by what you will see. Mountains, glaciers, eagles,and whales just to name a few. For more check out 10 Animals you will see on an Alaskan Cruise.

Alaska best cruises for scenery

Best Cruises for Romance: South Pacific

Tahiti is the gateway for cruisers traveling to the Society Islands and other South Pacific destinations. Passengers land at Faa’a International Airport and go from there. Romance whispers through the islands of the South Pacific and touches upon remote beaches, white sands, azure waters, and a back drop of green mountains. You won’t want anybody interrupting your time with your sweetheart.

Tahiti cruises for romance

Cruise on over…

…to Air Ambulance Card and make sure you have a medical emergency plan. We know a cruise will take you more than 15o miles from home where your general medical insurance does not always cover everything you need in order to have peace of mind on your cruise.

Don’t have a plan?


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