Business Class versus First Class: Is it worth it?

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What really happens in First Class

If you’ve never flown 1st class but have always wondered if the upgrade is worth it, than this article is for you. Economy and business class are definitely different, but all the seats on the plane are going the same place and will get there at the same time. So what’s the difference?

Every airline treats the varied class sections of the plane differently, so it does depend on who you are flying with. Also keep in mind that pretty much all major airlines go the extra mile for international travelers versus domestic flights. Since travelers are all with each other longer it matters more.  You can check an airline’s current Skytrax rating to see how good their business and first class service is.

Business Class Flying is Not Just About the Seat

The class of seat does reflect in the ticket price. Obviously more is more. However it is more than just where your seat is located. First class tickets will also get you access to:

  • Airport Lounges
  • Seat
  • Food & Drinks
  • In-Flight Service & Amenities

Let’s explore these.

Airport Loungesbusiness class airport lounge

Did you know that some 1st class lounges provide buffets with gourmet food, fully stocked bars, sit down service and waiters with trays of champagne? Well, they do. The lounge that you have access to can seriously mean the difference between an amazing flight experience and just an average one–all this before you even get on the plane. Wow!

Business Class & Economy fliers can still get access to nicer airport lounges through programs like Priority Pass.

Seatstravel health tips

Naturally, international 1st class cabins cost more and make the airlines more money so they get more attention. There seems to be an unofficial contest between companies to be the best in luxury, which results in constant upgrades to the seats and service. Currently most seats feature a full, lie-flat bed at the touch of a button for comfortable sleeping. Many airlines also provide luxury linens and pillows for maximum comfort.

International business class is not as luxurious as first class but is still nicer than most domestic first class flights. Many airlines have been upgrading their seats to the lie-flat standard in premium air travel. However, the difference is whether the seats lie flat or are still tilted at an angle.

Food & Drinks

As you would expect, food and beverages are much better in first class with menus designed by celebrity chefs that may even include wine pairings suggested by noted sommeliers.

Business class food and beverage service is still significantly better than in the economy cabin but might be a bit less high-end than first.

In-Flight Service & Amenities

First class entertainment options include personal audio/video on-demand systems that feature dozens of movies and hundreds of songs with a large, flat-screen monitor at each seat location.

For business class you might still get a personal audio/video system slightly smaller screens  to remind you that you aren’t in sitting behind the curtain in 1st class.

No matter where you sit…

Remember to have an emergency medical plan. Especially if you are traveling over 150 miles from home or abroad. We will bring you home!

Don’t have a plan?


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