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Traveling During Hurricane Season: Tips for Deals & Survival

hurricane season

We are in the midst of Hurricane Season in the United States and some of you may be second guessing your travel plans. Hurricane Michael ended up being stronger than originally thought. However, when planning for next year, or even

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A Medical Emergency Plan will Help with Injuries from a Mass Shooting

mass shootings

Unfortunately, Mass Shootings Are a Reality Mass shootings and terrorist attacks are being reported with more frequency these days. It is hard to turn on the TV or scroll through our phones and see yet another report of a terrible

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Emergency Assistance: How to Get Help at a U.S. Embassy

Emergency Assistance

Where to go if you need Emergency Assistance If you are traveling in another country and need emergency assistance, you should contact the U.S. embassy in that country. U.S. embassies and consulates are located around the world in countries that

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Travel Documents 101: Create Backup Copies

Travel Documents

Did you make copies of your travel documents? If you are headed overseas for the first time, CONGRATULATIONS! We wish you a safe and happy journey. This trip will be full of firsts for you, including getting your first passport.

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Handling Travel Emergencies

travel emergencies

Planning for Travel Emergencies We aren’t talking about a missed flight or lost luggage. While these are upsetting, they aren’t necessarily true travel emergencies. So, what is an emergency? Do you know how you would handle the following: Arrest &

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Traveling without a Medical Plan Can Cost Thousands

medical plans for travel

Young Adults Could go Bankrupt From one Trip Young adults and millennials are more likely to travel without a medical plan. No matter how tech savvy you are at finding the best deals for flights, AirBnB stays, and other discounts,

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Europe Travel Alert: Summer Advisory

Summer 2017 Travel Alerts

The U.S. State Department works with countries around the world to provide Americans traveling abroad with information about relevant events.  An alert was released May 31, 2016 to alert U.S. citizens to the risk of potential terrorist attacks throughout Europe

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The Problem with TSA Wait Lines

travel tips for airport security

Lines at certain airports have gotten so long that hundreds or thousands of people have actually missed their flights. Recently Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, and Charlotte, were among the worst. This is happening even though most travelers are heeding the

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Living with the Zika Virus

baby foot getting blood test

Earlier we wrote about Zika Virus Travel Health Information, which included which countries have the Zika virus, what the symptoms are, and how to avoid it. We are constantly updating our original post, Zika Virus Travel Health Information, as new

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Does Your Travel Insurance Cover Terrorist Attacks?

terrorist attack while on vacation

Updated on August 28, 2017 Planning a trip and preparing for a vacation can be very exciting. It can also be stressful. Not enough people think about travel insurance and no one wants to think about accidents, sickness or worse,

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