Does Your Travel Insurance Cover Terrorist Attacks?

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terrorist attack while on vacation

Updated on August 28, 2017

Planning a trip and preparing for a vacation can be very exciting. It can also be stressful. Not enough people think about travel insurance and no one wants to think about accidents, sickness or worse, a terrorist attack. Unfortunately, in world travel today, we know that this can happen any time and anywhere.

The potential for terrorist attacks shouldn’t keep you from traveling, but it does make it necessary to have a plan. You can still travel anywhere you like and the risk, statistically, is far lower than the one you’re already taking each day when you start up your car.

You don’t need to avoid or Paris, or Spain or wherever you want to go. If we give into our fears and never leave our homes we give into the terrorists’ goal of crippling tourism in a city wholly reliant on it, of undermining its economy and governance.

But you can travel with peace of mind with the right kind of travel insurance.

Have a plan.

What would you do if you or a loved one where injured on vacation from a terrorist attack? These events are extremely scary and chaotic and often involve many injured people. There would only be one thought on your mind: How do I get home safely to my family and my doctors?

If you or your family members are frequent long-distance travelers, or have a major trip coming up, it is important to consider a plan for any medical emergency — including a terrorist attack.

We helped arrange the transport back to the U.S. of a young woman who was a victim of a terrorist attacks in Paris.  She was not a member but we were contacted by one of our members for help in arranging her transport home.

Standard health insurance doesn’t cover international travel.

You can’t automatically assume that your current health care coverage will cover your claims internationally. If you are transported home from overseas with a major medical issue, at minimum you will require two pilots, two medical personnel and a dedicated medical aircraft. The estimated costs for a trip like this from Rome to New York, for example, would be around $90K. Most people don’t have that readily available to cover an emergency of this magnitude.

Travel Insurance doesn’t cover terrorist attacks either.

When most people think of travel insurance they are only considering coverage for cancellations and changes to your reservations. Many standard trip insurance and credit card policies, if they cover medical at all, will only fly you to the “nearest appropriate facility” or “nearest U.S. facility,” and only if they deem it’s a medical necessity. Read their fine print.

If they cover anything related to terrorism, it refers to cancellations and scheduling, not getting you out of the country once an attack has already occurred.

Despite their best claims, most trip insurance policies, credit card companies, and health insurance policies WILL NOT BRING YOU HOME!

How do I get coverage for Terrorist Attacks?

Air Ambulance Card is a membership program that provides prepaid air medical services to its members, anywhere in the world, anytime.

Backed by underwriters in the London insurance market, we have the resources to bring sick or injured members home from the farthest corners of the earth. With more than 50 partner aircraft stationed in 15 base locations around the world, we spring into action the second we get a call, arranging medical flights and peace of mind.

One call and our experienced team is at work for you. We coordinate with the hospital where you are located, with your regular doctor and with the hospital you want to go. We handle all the details for you and no additional cost to you.


Bottom line: Have a Plan!  Peace of mind goes a long way to ensure enjoyable travel. Be sure you’ve considered how you’ll get home if you are injured due to a terrorist attack.

Don’t have a plan?…


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