Dog Friendly Vacations

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dog friendly vacations

Do you want to bring Fido on your next trip?dog friendly vacations

We know pets are a big part of your family and a vacation just doesn’t seem complete unless our 4 legged friends can come along too!

According to Bring Fido, a website completely dedicated to providing the most up to date information on pet friendly travel and destinations, there are 58,109 hotels in United States that are dog friendly.

There are also thousands of restaurants in the US and beyond that are dog friendly including cafes, bistros, bars, family restaurants and more. Bone Appetite!

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Dog Friendly Vacation Ideas

One of the great things about sharing your life with a dog is they keep you active. Here are several ideas and suggestions for dog friendly vacations.

Dog Friendly Resorts

It is estimated that over 15 million Americans like to travel with their dogs and resorts fetching the demand by offering all inclusive resort packages for the whole family. Doggy room service menus, onsite doggy day care, grooming, and organized events for the pooch. Check out the Top 18 Pet Friendly Resorts in the US.

dog friendly vacations

Top Hiking Trails for Dogs

There are many trails across the U.S. that allow dogs, so go ahead and bring Spot along. In fact, dogs can be great companions for hiking as long as they are in good physical shape and you, as the owner, take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe hike.

Check out the Top 10 Dog-friendly Hiking Trails according to Animal Planet.

dog friendly vacations

Biking With Your Dog

Many dogs, especially smaller dogs, love to go for a bike ride in a basket or pull-behind trailer. We don’t recommend extreme off-road trails or steep mountain biking excursions that could be dangerous, but there are many, many bike trails that are perfectly safe for you and your dog.  Check out these tips for Biking With Your Dog before you head out.

dog friendly vacations

Dog Friendly Beaches

Most dogs love the water and a beach is the perfect place for them to get lots of exercise and have a ball. But nothing is worse than packing up the family for a day at the beach and getting there and finding out dogs aren’t allowed. Ugh. Don’t let that happen to you an check out The Best Dog Friendly Beach in America according to Travel and Leisure.

dog friendly vacations

Medical Emergency Plans Should Include the WHOLE FamilyEmergency Evacuation with a Weiner Dog

Pets are family, we get it! That’s why we cover all members of a family with our emergency medical plans. Check out one of our member’s story involving their wiener and a medical emergency.

Medical evacuations are stressful enough without the added worry about leaving a family pet behind.  We try to make our members and their families as comfortable as possible during these stressful life events.

Don’t have a plan?


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