Eco-Friendly Travel Experiences

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Eco-Friendly Travel Experiences

Eco-Friendly Travel has Become Very Popular

As we become more and more aware of our limited resources and the need to protect the environment, travelers are turning toward Eco-friendly travel trends that make them feel good about taking time off.

Also called sustainable travel, there are so many ways to create a fabulous experience without leaving a giant carbon footprint. From positively impacting the local community to supporting conservation projects, it’s time for travel to make a difference.

General Principles of Eco-Friendly Travel

  1. Do your destination homework / Be culturally mindful
  2. Choose eco-friendly accommodation
  3. Choose sustainable experiences
  4. Go local
  5. Share your experiences
  6. Give back

Here are our top picks for Eco-Friendly Travel and Sustainable Experiences

Top 5 Sustainable Hotels Around the World

  1. Sal Salis, Australia. Stay in one of sixteen tents along Western Australia’s Coral Coast.  Electricity is generated by solar power and food is locally sourced. The water is treated as a precious commodity.
  2. Song Saa, Cambodia. A private island resort with a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.
  3. Chaa Creek, Belize.  Sensitive construction, sustainable operations and initiatives allows nature to flourish and welcomes the local wildlife.
  4. Bardessono, U.S.A. One of only three LEED Platinum-certified hotels in the U.S., Bardessono’s charm goes beyond its luxurious offerings interiors and chic design. The hotel victoriously illustrates that environmental initiatives can be deployed in a way that is practical, economic, and aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland. Jutting out of the dramatic Icelandic landscape, Ion Adventure Hotel utilizes its enviable position as the basis of its sustainability advocacy. The region’s geothermal parkland is harnessed in an ambitious green energy project.

Eco-Friendly Travel Adventures

  1.  Maldives Marine Experience. Just getting to visit the Maldives is an amazing outdoor adventure. Add a marine experience and you can’t go wrong. Participate in conservation projects, snorkel with a marine biologist, heading out on turtle safaris, and enhancing marine life with build-a-reef sessions.
  2. Sri Lanka Loris watching. Guests at Jetwing Vil Uyana’s can get up close and personal with a range of creatures at the hotel’s private nature reserve. It’s the country’s best site for Loris watching, and guests may even spot the elusive Grey Slender Loris on the hotel’s dedicated night time Loris Tour conducted by the resident naturalist. 
  3. Costa Rica Coffee experience on an organic farm. Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort is a 30-acre plantation with Arabia coffee plants. Their mission has been to provide the finest hospitality services to guests, while also offering authentic experiences with a local flavor.
  4. Brazil Jaguar spotting. Spend a full day and evening with the Jaguar Habituation Team to spot these amazing big cats in the wild wetlands of Brazil’s Pantanal. The conservation experience helps protect wild jaguars, getting them accustomed to safari vehicles so guests can respectfully witness these beautiful animals while ensuring their environment in the Pantanal is preserved. 
  5. Africa Community visits. It is often said that Africa’s greatest beauty lies within its people. Singita, a renowned luxury safari lodges and reserves company, is deeply committed to conservation and sustainability, supporting both wildlife conservation projects and community development. The Singita Community Development Trust helps to initiate Early Childhood Development practices in pre-schools, and guests can meet local children and learn about this vital programme, as well as witness many other areas of interest and cultural significance on the community visit.

One More Thing…

While you are packing your eco-friendly clothes and leaving your energy-sucking devices (like hair-dryers) at home–don’t forget to pack your emergency medical plan. While you are out saving the world, let us protect you.

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