Engine Fires on Airplanes: How bad are they?

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engine fires on airplanes

“Ummmm, pretty darn bad!” would be most peoples’ reaction to that question.

Yikes! However, in light of the latest airplane engine fire , we have discovered that engine fires on airplanes are very rare.  Aviation technology is so far advanced that such incidents can be prevented in the factory.

On Monday, members of the Saudi national football team, whose players watched a fire take hold in the engine of their plane approaching Rostov-on-Don weren’t exactly convinced everything would be ok.

It was. Everybody is fine. The World Cup can go on as planned. Whew!

engine fires on airplanesThe Telegraph published an extensive article on airplane safety. In particular, they covered engine fires on airplanes if you want to check out just how worried you should be if you see orange flames from your window seat.

Just in Case…

…you aren’t convinced. It is a really good idea to have an emergency medical plan. This plan will airlift you home in the event of an illness or injury so you can be treated by your own doctors.

Don’t have a plan?


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