Family Learning Vacations

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Family Learning Vacations

Vacations: Not just for relaxing anymore

A little R&R is just what parents are ordering up for family vacations these days: Refinement & Readiness, that is.

There is a big trend to incorporate learning and culture into family vacations.  Here are some great ideas that you can feel good about.

Learning Something New with Mom and Dad

Exploring new talents or areas of study is a great way to bond as a family. Everyone, no matter their age or expertise can bring something to the table.

family learning vacations adventure

Culinary Vacations

Hands-on culinary skills will carry over to everyday life when you get back home. Kids can make dinner for the parents. You will be able to throw a killer dinner party, and the kids will know how to whip up some pretty impressive meals when they are out on their own.

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Adventure Travelfamily learning vacation hot air balloon

Nothing brings a family together like testing your limits and stepping out on a limb. Oh, and a healthy dose of competition thrown in is sure to guarantee a great time.

Add a bit of adventure to your travels and do something you’ve never done. Zip lining, sky diving, parasailing, an animal safari, and more. Come on, we dare ya!

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CruisesFamily Learning Vacations cruises

A cruise may not be the first thing you think of when you think educational or learning, but there are many cruise lines worth investigating. If you think about it, a cruise can provide something for everyone in the family and a healthy dose of relaxation thrown in.

Here are some examples of things you could learn on a cruise:

  • Visit new destinations including new culture and wildlife
  • Try new foods and desserts
  • Encounter people from all over the world
  • Learn about the big ship, nautical terms and tour the vessel
  • On board scheduled activities and entertainment

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family learning vacations conservationWildlife Conservation Vacations

Give something back and learn about nature while doing something great for the environment. Conversation vacations are happening all around the globe.

Volunteer Vacations (Also called Voluntourism)family learning vacations volunteering

Volunteering abroad is increasingly popular with families looking to do meaningful work during their vacation. By spending your vacation as a volunteer you will meet people in developing countries, work hard, travel, and have a good time while achieving worthwhile goals.
You can spend as little as 1 week volunteering in over 25 different countries around the world with Projects Abroad.

Learning Vacations Are a Great Way to Bond

Learning together and discovering new things definitely brings families closer together and teaches life long skills. However, don’t forget to find time to relax and just be together too! Enjoying each others’ company is also worth investing in!

One More Thing…

Traveling with the whole family is a great adventure, no matter where you go or what you are doing. Be sure to protect your loved ones with a medical emergency plan. Having the right plan and coverage will offer you peace of mind to concentrate on the things that really matter–building memories!

Don’t have a plan?

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