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Why do I need Air Ambulance Card?

Air Ambulance Card provides an added layer of protection that standard travel insurance and credit card evacuation policies do not. Our memberships offer travelers peace of mind, financial protection and a one-call solution for getting them home in an emergency.

How does the Air Ambulance membership program work? What do I do if I am hospitalized while traveling?

It’s very simple. Simply dial the number on your membership card and our medical team will work with your doctors to figure out the best way to get you home safely. There are no deductibles and no claims forms to file. It’s that easy.

Is this travel insurance?

No. While some travel insurance policies do contain limited medical evacuation coverage, their main purpose is to refund the cost of a trip in case of cancellation. Air Ambulance Card is not a replacement for travel insurance – it is a layer of protection not offered by most policies.

Don’t I already have this with my credit card or travel insurance policy?

Many standard travel insurance and credit card medical transport coverage limits transports to the “nearest appropriate” or “nearest U.S. facility” which may be thousands of miles from home. Air Ambulance Card will bring you home to the hospital of your choice. Also, some travel insurance will only transport policy holders if the insurance company deems it a “medical necessity.” If you are hospitalized 150 miles away, we will bring you home.

Can’t I just pay for a medical flight myself, if I get sick or injured?

Yes, and it is very expensive. Domestic air medical transport services range from $5,000 to $25,000; international transports can easily exceed $100,000. In addition, you would be required to pay for the trip in advance either by a wire transfer or on a pre-approved charge to your credit card. As an Air Ambulance Card member, the membership fee is all you pay.

What constitutes a family?

In addition to yourself, your spouse or domestic partner and up to five dependent children living in your household may be included. Children must be under age xx and covered by the member’s health insurance policy.

When can children adopted overseas be covered by a family plan?

Children adopted outside the U.S. or Canada will be covered once they have entered the U.S. or Canada.

Who decides if I am sick or injured badly enough to require medical evacuation?

You, the Member, make the decision. The Air Ambulance Card medical department consults with both your personal physician and the attending physician at the hospital where you are located as to the appropriate course of action that is in your best interest. As long as the member meets the transport criteria, inpatient status at both the transferring and receiving hospitals, and all safety issues have been considered, it is the member’s ultimate decision whether or not to be transported.

How many transports am I allowed each year?

The Air Ambulance Card Membership allows up to two separate transports per membership per year. In the case of repatriation flights involving enrolled multiple family members requiring simultaneous repatriations, each family member will receive one fully paid transport.

Must I have my membership card available when I contact you for services?

No, it is not necessary to have your card available, or even remember your membership number. We can easily locate you in our system with your name and date of birth.

Will you rescue me in any medical emergency, no matter where I am?

We cannot guarantee evacuation from remote locations that do not have an accessible runway to accommodate a jet aircraft, or from a location where there is an active war or other situations that would make the flight dangerous to the patient and crew. US registered aircraft and personnel cannot be sent into countries where the US State Department has issued travel restrictions, or to areas where civil aviation has been suspended or restricted, such as the result of a natural disaster or civil unrest. Membership services are subject to exclusion in these areas.

How are your prices lower than your competitors’?

Our prices are low because we focus on one product only. We invests in technology to keep staff and other costs low and we rely on the loyalty of our members to renew each year and refer new members to us.

How can you provide so much coverage at such a low price?

We believe that we charge a fair price for the member services we provide. We have a relationship with underwriters in the London insurance market, which allows us to guarantee our members that they will be transported when they need it.

Does Air Ambulance Card own its own aircraft?

We do not own aircraft. We have a network of certified air ambulance providers located around the world with 65 specially-equipped air ambulance aircraft. We dispatch the most appropriate aircraft for the situation at hand considering the location of the patient, the destination of the patient, the patient’s medical condition and whether or not there are multiple patients. We have aircraft in our network capable of transporting 2, 4 and up to 5 critical care patients at a time.

Are there restrictions on who may join the Air Ambulance Card membership program?

Air Ambulance Card membership is available to residents of the United States and Canada under the age of xx.

What if I am a resident of the U.S. or Canada but I live or work abroad?

The standard Air Ambulance Card membership is available for uninterrupted travel outside the U.S. or Canada for 90 days or less per trip. If you are living or working abroad and will be outside the U.S. or Canada for more than 90 days at a time, we offer Extended Stay memberships. See Expatriate Memberships on our About Our Plans page.

When is my enrollment effective?

Air Ambulance Card enrollment for eligible members is effective immediately upon our receipt of your enrollment application and payment. If you enroll online you will be able to print a temporary membership card on your printer.

How long will it take to receive my permanent Membership Card?

Your permanent membership card and a complimentary luggage tag will be mailed to you via U.S. mail within 3-5 business days of your enrollment. We do offer overnight FedEx delivery for an additional charge of $25.00.

Are there membership rules and regulations that apply?

Yes, but they are simple. You may view the Membership Information Booklet online and you may print a copy if you like. A copy of this booklet will be included in the package with your membership cards.

How do I enroll?

Online anytime via our enrollment page. Your enrollment will be effective immediately. You will receive an email confirmation of your enrollment, and you will be able to print a temporary membership card to use until your permanent card arrives in 3-5 days.

By telephone anytime. Call us at 703-566-9481 and we’ll be happy to take your application in person

How can I share this with friends and family?

Help us spread the word about this valuable service and we will pay you! When you refer a new member, we will send them a rebate check, and send you a matching rebate check. More details on our Referral Rebate page.

Medical Evacuation Process

How long does it take before I am moved to the hospital of my choice?

In many cases, an authorized medical aircraft can be launched within hours of a call. The length (distance) of the transport, the patient’s condition and stability, admission confirmation to the receiving hospital, and the accessibility of the patient to an airport that can accommodate our aircraft are factors affecting the transport. A domestic transport may be performed the same day. International and other long-distance flights can take several days to accommodate foreign overflight requests, landing requests, and the flight team’s need for rest.

Can a family member fly with me if I am being transported?

Yes, most medical aircraft will accommodate one family member along with the patient. One family member, business associate, and/or traveling companion may accompany the patient, at no additional cost, on medical aircraft, if space is available and the patient’s care is not compromised.

What happens to my luggage if I am transported?

The patient and an accompanying passenger are limited to one small carry-on bag due to the limited space available on medical aircraft. We will be happy to put you in contact with companies that make all arrangements to have your luggage shipped home at your expense.

If I want to be transported from a hospital near my home to a specialty hospital, are all my costs covered?

Yes. When an enrolled member meets the required inpatient criteria at both the transferring and receiving hospitals, Air Ambulance Card provides all reasonable and necessary transport services from bedside to bedside including the cost of ground ambulance services on both ends of the trip.

Medevac Aircraft and Flight Team

How do you staff the medical aircraft?

We staff the aircraft depending on the condition and the medical needs of the patient. There will always be a minimum of two medical personnel on board each aircraft. Read more…

What type of aircraft do you use?

We use aircraft that are especially outfitted as flying intensive care units. We use different models of aircraft depending on the distance to be flown and the number of patients to be transported. We use only jet aircraft for overseas transports. We may use a turbo-prop aircraft for domestic and other short distance trips. On rare occasions, a member may be transported on a scheduled commercial airline in the care of a medical team. Family members, business associates and/or traveling companions accompanying patients transported as a patient on a scheduled commercial airline are responsible for their own airfare.

If you have a question not addressed above, please feel free to contact us directly by clicking here.

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