How to Save on Airport Parking

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Frequent Flyer or Occasional Traveler?

If you are a frequent flyer you understand the pains of paying for long-term parking and shuttles to the airport. If you are an occasional flyer, you understand the frustration of trying to figure out the best parking situation for your trip. Either way, we have some great ideas to make airport parking easier and cheaper.

Simply Ask for Discount Airport Parkingparking sign spray painted on asphalt

It never hurts to ask, does it? You may be able to purchase an employee parking pass for an airport, even if you aren’t an employee. If you are lucky enough to score one, the employee lots are often more convenient than long-term parking.

Christine Krzyszton, a world traveler and writer for, reported she just got her employee pass in December. Here’s what she wrote:

“It’s actually a pass for unlimited parking for a fixed quarterly rate. It will save me hundreds of dollars this year. Now grant you my home airport is small but you should definitely be asking at your airport administrative office if they have employee parking available that they would rent out to you. At the very least, ask them about discounted rate parking.”

Christine asked and it paid off!

Discount Monthly Rates at the Airport

If you aren’t able to obtain and employee parking pass, you can still inquire about monthly rates at the airport. Most airports have available plans. Many airports also have off-site monthly parking options that are often less than parking closer to the airport. is a great site to use for finding and comparing parking options. You can also pre-pay to reserve your spot through this site.

Hotel Deals for Airport ParkingHotel near airport

Most of us are familiar with the Park & Stay deals at hotels near airports, but did you know that many of them also offer parking deals even if you don’t stay there? Check around at the hotels near your airport for discounted monthly parking at a fixed rate without any stay requirement. You will probably be able to also take advantage of their shuttles to and from the airport if you go this route. You can also be fairly confident your vehicle will be safe while you are gone. is a great resource for packages and deals.

Don’t Forget to Check for Coupons

It may seem weird, but you can find deals through Groupon and other sites for airport parking, or possibly parking close to an airport. Here are some things to try:

  • Go to and search for “airport parking” with correct airport code
  • Visit the website for the airport parking lot you want to use and look for coupons. Yep, they usually have their own websites.
  • Check out for more coupons

Happy and Safe Travels

As always, we wish you happy and safe travels. We are here to help make traveling easier and more enjoyable. Don’t forget to secure your emergency medical plan before you travel more than 150 miles from home.

Don’t have a plan?


One comment on “How to Save on Airport Parking
  1. Christine K says:

    Thanks for the mention. There are so many options out there for discounted parking options, I hope this alerts travelers to investigate further.

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