Ice Skating Around the World

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Ice Skating Was Once a Form of Travel

People have been ice skating since, well, ice and people have existed at the same time. So, a long time. It was once used for traveling but now a days is more of a means of leisure and sport.

A look at Ice Skating Around the World

Rockefeller Plaza in New York City

People ice skating in front of Rockefeller Center in NYC

New York City’s Central Park

people ice skating in Central Park

Giethoorn,  Netherlands

ice skating rink in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

ice skating rink in Amsterdam

Geilnau, Germany

people ice skating on a pond in front of houses in Germany

Lake Aasee in Münster, Germany

Big metal reflecting ball and people ice skating on Lae Aasee in Munster Germany

Rummelsburg Bay, Berlin, Germany

single skater in Germany, dusk


lake in Switzerland with ice skating tracks

Winnipeg, Canada

outdoor tent for ice skating in Winnipeg Canada

Montreal, Canada

night ice skating on a river in Montreal

Lachine Canal, Canada

two people ice skating on Lachine Canal in Canada

Brussels, Belgium

ice skating in front of a ferris wheel in Brussels


young girl ice skating on a lake in Sweden

More Ice Skating Around the World

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