One Bite at a Time: Eating in Paris

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eating in a paris restaurant

Make a Plan for Eating in Paris

Strolling along a tree lined boulevard in Paris, shop keepers sweeping off their stoops, a stray dog darts across the street, and soft music plays from an open window. You enter a small cafe and your eyes widen at the delicious selection of pastries and your stomach rumbles.

This can happen every day in Paris! There are so many restaurants and cafes to choose from. How do you make sure you are experiencing all that Paris has to offer? If you are in the City of Lights, you have to EAT!

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chef preparing french pastriesDistinguished Chefs and Restaurants in Paris

You can research many, many variations of “best of” restaurants in Paris and you will get a lot of opinions. It’s good to know what those who have eaten before you think.

Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) is a craftsmen competition in France, held every four years. This unique and prestigious award is one of the highest honors a chef or industry leader can get. If he or she has a MOF, you can be assured the food will be excellent.

What to Eat in Paris

Instead of listing the top restaurants in Paris, we have created a list of types of food  you should definitely try. Where you get them is up to you (we provided a few hints!)

caramels in ParisCandy

Paris is known for its salted butter caramels, or “caramel au beurre salé“. They are very popular and easy to find. Be sure to bring some back home with you.

Chocolate. The place to go for chocolate is Saint-Germain-des Prés, Paris’s chocolate epicenter. This area is now home to more than a dozen world-class chocolatiers, and more are popping up all the time.

Baguettes, Croissants, and Pastriesbaguettes

You have not had bread until you have had a real French baguette! You will be eating loaves of the stuff, slathered in Le Beurre Bordier butter. You might be eating it for the bread, or an excuse to eat more of the delicious butter. Either way, enjoy it while you are in Paris. We guarantee you will miss it when you are back home.

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Croissants. Just saying this word induces all sorts of images of french culture and tastes.

Pastries. The pictures say it all. You can find them all over the place, and you will eat them, A LOT! Bon Appetit!

french pastries

 Paris cheese storeCheese

French fromagers (cheesemongers) are experts in all things cheese. Buying cheese can be a little like buying wine–a challenge. Especially if you don’t know much about different types of cheese or what you are looking for. Most fromagers are more than happy to talk about their craft and help you select some tasty morsels.

You can find many cheese tasting events in Paris to figure out what you like. Also, do a little research on cheeses and how to pair them with other foods and drinks. We found the following article very helpful.

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MFrench Macaronsacarons

These are so wonderful and so French, they needed a category all their own. A macaron (or macaroon in the US) is a French sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring. Sounds simple right? Wrong! There are so many variations on style and flavor, you could eat your way through Paris on these alone. Make sure you try them for several different places for proper “research”.


french pastriesIn addition to the candy and pastries, French Desserts stand in a class all their own. Known just as much for their presentation as they are for their taste, they are a treat for all the senses. Some of the more well known styles of french desserts include crepes, dessert soups, creme brulee, souffle, and gelato.

Go Big–At Least Once!

While you are in Paris, treat yourself at least once to a high-end, gourmet dinner at a fancy restaurant. Splurge on yourself and enjoy every moment and every bite. Take pictures and post them. We’d love to hear about where you went and what you ate.

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One last bit of advice:  It’s not food related, but sure is important. Be sure you’ve considered how you’ll get home if you have an emergency situation pop up!

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