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The Goal: Carry On Only

A quick weekend getaway or business trip might have you longing to capitalize on time and therefore not waste it checking bags or waiting at baggage claim. So the perfect solution is to bring a carry on only.

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Follow these packing tips to learn how to get everything you need for two people for a long weekend in one carry on bag. Yes, it’s possible!

  • Use a small bag. This may seem obvious, but use a small bag. Don’t buy travel tips back packluggage or a backpack that is too big to be considered carry on size. You will be forced to work with the room you have.
  • Lay it all out. Lay out all the items you want to take on your kitchen table or bed an group according to type of item.
  • Scale down. Concentrate on one group at a time and start eliminating. Start with clothes, shoes, then toiletries, then entertainment and then other extras. With each item ask yourself “why do I need this?”
  • Toiletries. Most items you can purchase where you are going. The bigger items like shampoo, lotions and sunscreen will take up a lot of room in your bag, potential spill and create a huge mess, and might cause your bag to be checked. It’s easier to just plan to buy these items when you get there.
  • Rubber Bands. Use rubber bands to wrap around clothes and make thempacking tips rubber bands smaller and bundle items. You’ll be surprised how many uses you can find for these handy things.
  • Coordinate Colors. Bring clothes that all match each other so you can mix and match.
  • Wrinkle free clothes. Clothes made out of wool, lyocell, polyester and cashmere tend to wrinkle less and hold up during travel. A little black dress can be used to dress up or down and is very versatile.
  • Roll your clothes. A layer of rolled clothes takes up very little space anpacking tips shoesd leaves room for another later.
  • Shoes. Roll your socks and underwear and put them in your shoes. Power cords and toiletries are also good things to store in your shoes.
  • Power Cords. Use rubber bands or twist ties to bundle up power cords to make them small enough to tuck into shoes or other available space.
  • Make Up bag. Pack a cute make-up and jewelry back that can double as a purse.
  • Put heavier items on the bottom. This will create stability and make it easier to find items near the top.
  • Rain gear or a light jacket. Pack these items near the top for easy access if you need it quickly.
  • Additional Items. Anything left over like toiletries should be able to fit in the extra space at the corner of the bag and in between rolls of clothes.
  • Books & Things. The layers of rolled clothes and carefully placed additional items should leave you enough room to place a book for the beach, a guidebook for sightseeing, or other printed material.

One more thing…

Don’t forget to pack your travel medical insurance information so you can quickly access it if you have a medical emergency come up. We will bring you home.

Don’t have a plan?


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