Self Piloting Airplanes: Would You Buy a Ticket?

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Self Piloting Airplanes

Are self piloting airplanes coming in the near future? Would you fly on one?

We were just (sort of) getting use to the idea of self driving cars and then one hit and killed a woman.

Airplanes already have a lot of auto-pilot features, including landing a plane. So, are complete self piloting planes a possibility?

Mixed Feelings on Self Piloting Airplanes

According to an article in The New York Times, the airline industry is worried about a shortage of pilots, but most experts believe that the technology, the industry and the passengers are not quite ready for fully autonomous flying.

Technological advances have made flying safer than ever before, but still doesn’t mean people will be willing to board a pilot-less plane.

There is much more to being a pilot that just flying the plane. Self piloting airplanes  would also have to interact with all the complex parts of the air transportation network.

The industry agrees that it will probably never happen, even though the technology, in some ways, already exists.

The world just isn’t ready for that much automation.





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