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Important Things to Know about Airplane Seats

airplane seats

How much do you know about airplane seats and where you choose to sit? Aisle seat, window seat, over the wing or near the tail; those are just some of the options people consider when it comes to where to

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Flying with Nut Allergies: the risks and new accommodations

nut allergies

Nut allergies are serious, life-threatening medical conditions. People who have serious nut allergies have to anticipate exposure everywhere they go. Airplanes are places where they have to be particularly careful due to close quarters and the high volume of people

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Medical Marijuana in Carry-Ons is Now Allowed

Marijuana in Carry-Ons

LAX (Los Angeles, California) Airport announced they will start allowed allowing small amounts of medical marijuana in carry-ons. In an article published yesterday by CNN Travel it was stated that: “The Los Angeles Airport Police Department will allow passengers to

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Self Piloting Airplanes: Would You Buy a Ticket?

Self Piloting Airplanes

Are self piloting airplanes coming in the near future? Would you fly on one? We were just (sort of) getting use to the idea of self driving cars and then one hit and killed a woman. Airplanes already have a

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Engine Fires on Airplanes: How bad are they?

engine fires on airplanes

“Ummmm, pretty darn bad!” would be most peoples’ reaction to that question. Yikes! However, in light of the latest airplane engine fire , we have discovered that engine fires on airplanes are very rare.  Aviation technology is so far advanced

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Is it dangerous to fly in Cuba?

Did you hear about the plane crash in Cuba over the weekend? Not many people did. The plane crashed shortly after take off and 100 passengers died. Three remain in critical condition. So what happened? Authorities are still unclear. Cuba

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Overseas Travel: Be sure to pack these items

overseas travel

Are you planning any overseas travel this Spring or Summer? We hope so! Traveling is amazing and a great way to expand our understanding of the world and ourselves. If this is your first overseas trip there are a few

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Refresher on Navigating Airports and Flying

Navigating Airports and Flying

Times have changed for navigating airports and flying How good are you at navigating airports and flying? When is the last time you flew on an airplane? If you said, “GREAT!” and “Last week!” this article is not for you.

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Little Known Facts about Airline Travel

airline travel

How familiar are you with airline travel? Do you travel a lot for work? Maybe you are a professional vacationer. Either way, if you travel a lot you may (or not) know these lesser known facts about airline travel. Let

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How to Save Time at the Airport

How to Save Time at the Airport

TIME: We all need more of it! We fly in an airplane to save time, so who wants to spend all day in an airport? Not me! So, can we all agree we would love to know how to save

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Travel Tips

Do You Plan to Drive Overseas?

If you plan to drive overseas, you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). Read More


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