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Medical Marijuana in Carry-Ons is Now Allowed

Marijuana in Carry-Ons

LAX (Los Angeles, California) Airport announced they will start allowed allowing small amounts of medical marijuana in carry-ons. In an article published yesterday by CNN Travel it was stated that: “The Los Angeles Airport Police Department will allow passengers to

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Smart Luggage Must Be a Carry On

smart luggage

Is Smart Luggage a Lifesaver or a Hassle? Smart Luggage: Carry-on bags with built-in lithium battery power chargers and built-in features like GPS locators, weight scales that prevent over-packing, USB ports to charge your devices, solar-powered batteries, and remote lock systems.

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5 Things to ALWAYS Pack in Your Carry On

5 things to always pack

Here are 5 things to ALWAYS pack in your carry on or suitcase for any trip! We all have our favorite traveling outfit, traveling music list, and a good book to read. But the following 5 items are things to

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Carry On: Pack the Perfect Bag

Always include these items in your carry on With checked bag prices going up and limited space on airplanes, travelers are getting more savvy and strategic about packing. Check out these tips on how to pack the perfect carry on

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