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Is it dangerous to fly in Cuba?

Did you hear about the plane crash in Cuba over the weekend? Not many people did. The plane crashed shortly after take off and 100 passengers died. Three remain in critical condition. So what happened? Authorities are still unclear. Cuba

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Cuba Travel Warning: How serious is it?

Cuba travel warning

How Worried Should Americans be About the Recent Cuba Travel Warning? The ban for travel to Cuba has only been lifted for 2 1/2 years and now there is a Cuba travel warning against visiting the island. Why? In June

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One Bite at a Time: Eating in Havana, Cuba

Eating in Havana Cuba

Eating in Havana, Cuba Since Cuba and the United States restored diplomatic relations in July 2015 and flights are resuming this year, it will be the first time Americans will land in Cuba in more than half a century. This

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Flights to Cuba Scheduled for Later This Year

flights to cuba

Well, we always want what we can’t have. The once forbidden flights from America to Cuba will now be accessible again later this year. You will be able to get your Cuban cigars the right way—directly from a Cuban tobacconist

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BREAKING: White House makes Traveling to Cuba Even Easier

A street in Cuba

The New York Times announced today, just two weeks before President Obama will make a historic Trip to Havana,  that his administration will allow individuals to travel to Cuba for “people to people” educational trips. In addition, limits have been

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Know Before You Go: 8 Tips on Travel to Cuba

flights to cuba

Resources for planning a trip to Cuba.

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Don’t Travel to Cuba Until You Read This!

With recent relaxation on travel restrictions to Cuba, U.S. citizens are planning travel for Cuban holidays or vacations. If you plan to travel to Cuba you need to be prepared for a medical emergency! We get calls asking if can

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