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Refresher on Navigating Airports and Flying

Navigating Airports and Flying

Times have changed for navigating airports and flying How good are you at navigating airports and flying? When is the last time you flew on an airplane? If you said, “GREAT!” and “Last week!” this article is not for you.

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Surviving a Layover

Man waiting during an airport layover

People are traveling more now than ever. With the roll out of the new Basic Economy Fares, rewards programs, a healthier economy, and access to destinations world-wide, it is no longer a question of “if” we should go, but “when”

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Business Class versus First Class: Is it worth it?

What really happens in First Class If you’ve never flown 1st class but have always wondered if the upgrade is worth it, than this article is for you. Economy and business class are definitely different, but all the seats on

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Carry On: Pack the Perfect Bag

Always include these items in your carry on With checked bag prices going up and limited space on airplanes, travelers are getting more savvy and strategic about packing. Check out these tips on how to pack the perfect carry on

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3 Tips for When You Miss Your Flight

miss your flight feature image

Life Happens! Maybe you forgot to set your alarm, or misread your flight time, you got a flat tire, or traffic was INSANE. Regardless of the reason, you missed your flight and now you are not sure what to do.

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Flying with Kids

flying with kids

What’s worse than sitting next to an oversharing, gossipy talker on a long flight? Sitting next to a screaming baby? Or maybe being the parent of a screaming child and trying everything to calm your sweet pea down while dodging

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The World’s Best Airports

According to SkyTrax, the World Airport Awards are the most prestigious accolades for the airport industry, and a global benchmark of airport excellence widely known as the Passengers Choice Awards. The votes for the world’s best airports come from airline

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6 Questions You’d Like to Ask an Airplane Pilot

airplane pilots

Flying is exciting. Something about the thrill of hurtling through space really, really fast can reduce a grown man to giddiness.  Flying also provokes a barrage of questions, often fired at the crew like only a five year old can

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Looking For a New Adventure?

Be one of the first! If you are looking for a REALLY long non-stop flight, check out Emirates Air new 8,580 mile non-stop flight from  Dubai to Panama City, Panama. At a whopping 17 hours and 35 minutes westbound this

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