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A Medical Emergency Plan will Help with Injuries from a Mass Shooting

mass shootings

Unfortunately, Mass Shootings Are a Reality Mass shootings and terrorist attacks are being reported with more frequency these days. It is hard to turn on the TV or scroll through our phones and see yet another report of a terrible

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Handling Travel Emergencies

travel emergencies

Planning for Travel Emergencies We aren’t talking about a missed flight or lost luggage. While these are upsetting, they aren’t necessarily true travel emergencies. So, what is an emergency? Do you know how you would handle the following: Arrest &

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Travel Tips

Documents for Children

Some countries have special document requirements for children Read More


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Cruise Control

"I´m just glad we knew about Air Ambulance Card, because a lot of people don´t know about this. After what happened, I recommend this service to my family and friends." Read More

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