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Flying with Nut Allergies: the risks and new accommodations

nut allergies

Nut allergies are serious, life-threatening medical conditions. People who have serious nut allergies have to anticipate exposure everywhere they go. Airplanes are places where they have to be particularly careful due to close quarters and the high volume of people

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Traveling During Hurricane Season: Tips for Deals & Survival

hurricane season

We are in the midst of Hurricane Season in the United States and some of you may be second guessing your travel plans. Hurricane Michael ended up being stronger than originally thought. However, when planning for next year, or even

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Refresher on Navigating Airports and Flying

Navigating Airports and Flying

Times have changed for navigating airports and flying How good are you at navigating airports and flying? When is the last time you flew on an airplane? If you said, “GREAT!” and “Last week!” this article is not for you.

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Emergency Assistance: How to Get Help at a U.S. Embassy

Emergency Assistance

Where to go if you need Emergency Assistance If you are traveling in another country and need emergency assistance, you should contact the U.S. embassy in that country. U.S. embassies and consulates are located around the world in countries that

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Traveling without a Medical Plan Can Cost Thousands

medical plans for travel

Young Adults Could go Bankrupt From one Trip Young adults and millennials are more likely to travel without a medical plan. No matter how tech savvy you are at finding the best deals for flights, AirBnB stays, and other discounts,

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Traveling with Allergies: Tips to make it easier


Avoid Allergy Triggers, Not Travel People with allergies to food and airborne allergens don’t need to avoid travel due to the risks, although sometimes with severe allergies they might feel like it is impossible. It’s not. With some planning, communication

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Travel Agent: Pros and Cons

travel agent

When should you use a travel agent? The cyber age of googling anything from anywhere has eliminated things like the library card catalogue, but a good librarian can still find the perfect book and a travel agent can sometimes find

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Tourism Jobs are Boosting the World’s Economy

Tourism Jobs are Boosting the World's Economy

Do you work in the travel industry? Maybe you dream of becoming a travel agent, or a tour guide, or opening your own Bed & Breakfast. All signs point to the fact that the rise of the travel industry is

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6 Questions You’d Like to Ask an Airplane Pilot

airplane pilots

Flying is exciting. Something about the thrill of hurtling through space really, really fast can reduce a grown man to giddiness.  Flying also provokes a barrage of questions, often fired at the crew like only a five year old can

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Know Before You Go: 8 Tips on Travel to Cuba

flights to cuba

Resources for planning a trip to Cuba.

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Do You Plan to Drive Overseas?

If you plan to drive overseas, you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). Read More


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