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Why is Dubai so Popular Right Now?

Dubai is a popular city to visit

Dubai may have been built on oil, but now the main businesses are tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. This capital city is the largest and most populated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is located on the

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Popular Cities for International Travel

plane taking off with sunshine behind it

International travel will never cease to hold the allure and excitement of adventure and new opportunities. Natural disasters, political unrest and terrorist activity does effect tourism in many areas, but the cities on this list still remain at the top

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Travel Tips

Be Prepared

Make photocopies of all your important documents: your passport, car-rental documents, railway passes, your itinerary, prescriptions, etc.  Take photos on your smart phone and/or have copies in your luggage.  You're not likely to lose your wallet, phone and luggage all at the same time.  As a backup, leave a copy with a friend or family member back Read More


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Costa Rica Fall

Anna Frazelle would have spent six weeks alone, recovering in Costa Rica from a broken back,  if she had not had an Air Ambulance Card membership. Frazelle, 46, her husband and daughters capped off a zip line tour of the rain forest by sliding down waterfalls. She hit a rock on the way down and Read More

Anna Frazelle wrightsville Beach, NC

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