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Safe Holiday Travel Destinations

Safe Holiday Travel Destinations

There are a lot of things to thing about then considering safe holiday travel destinations. Where are the safest places to travel to this holiday season?  In these politically charges times, not to mention unpredictable climate changes, you do have

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Traveling During Hurricane Season: Tips for Deals & Survival

hurricane season

We are in the midst of Hurricane Season in the United States and some of you may be second guessing your travel plans. Hurricane Michael ended up being stronger than originally thought. However, when planning for next year, or even

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Fall 2017 Travel Alerts and Tips

Syria Travel alert

How to Find Fall 2017 Travel Alerts We get our Fall 2017 Travel Alerts and Warnings information from many different places. The article below lists a few of our sources that you can check too! Travel Alerts: How to stay

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Summer 2017 Travel Alerts

TSA travel alerts for this summer

TSA Warnings and Alerts for Summer 2017 The TSA website stays updated on all the latest global travel information so you can stay informed while you plan those amazing summer trips. The sites states the following as the difference between

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Travel Alerts: How to stay informed

How do you get your travel alerts

How do you get your travel alerts? Got a trip planned? Are you going overseas? It’s a good idea to be aware of recent activity and possible threats so you can be prepared. We keep our readers up to date

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Zika Virus Updates and Travel Alerts for March 2017


Air Ambulance Card is committed to provide our readers with up-to-date travel information and alerts, including information about the Zika Virus. Please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for more information. The following information was provided by the

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Latest Travel Alerts and Zika Information

travel alerts

Health Updates and Alerts to Consider for Your Holiday Travel Plans Please consider the following information before you travel to areas that are known to have outbreaks of diseases such as Zika and Yellowfever or possible security concerns. Information provided

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Travel Tips

Always Carry a Ziplock bag.

Organize with zip lock bags Read More


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Anna Frazelle would have spent six weeks alone, recovering in Costa Rica from a broken back,  if she had not had an Air Ambulance Card membership. Frazelle, 46, her husband and daughters capped off a zip line tour of the rain forest by sliding down waterfalls. She hit a rock on the way down and Read More

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