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Five Classic Desserts to Watch for During Your Holiday Travels


When someone says they hope you get your just desserts, it’s supposed to be a threat, but it sounds like a great opportunity to us. When we decided to write this article, we began to better appreciate how varied and

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Skip the Line Tours: When is it worth it?

skip the line tours

Have you caught onto the Skip the Line Tours trend yet? If you haven’t, it might be a game changer for your next vacation. Let’s face it. Time is limited and time is money. You don’t want to spend half your

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What Can You Do About the Flu in the 2018-2019 Winter Travel Months?


They’re Back! Those nasty flu germs that make us sick in the winter are here again, making us dive between the blankets with fevers and chills. If you plan on traveling in the winter months, it’s good to know what’s

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Traveling with Kids? Here Are Some Great Tips

traveling with kids

Traveling with Kids Doesn’t Have to Drive You Insane You haven’t lived until you’ve flown with an airsick toddler, or realized too late that the 10-day forecast for your family’s tropical vacation destination is rain – and you’re traveling with

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2019 Travel Trends: What’s in store for next year?

2019 Travel trends

What’s in store for 2019 Travel Trends? Planning anything big for next year? Now is the time to start thinking about those vacation days you are going to rack up in 2019. What’s on your bucket list? We’ve compiled the latest

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New Carry-on Restrictions for Powders

new carry on restrictions

Airplane travelers to and from the United Kingdom will now experience carry-on restrictions such as powers, make-up, coffee, spices, etc.  The UK is following the example of other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the US, which adopted these

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Tips for Traveling to Russia for the World Cup

traveling to Russia for the world cup

Are you traveling to Russia for the World Cup? Congratulations! What an amazing trip–however you won’t see the US team this year (they didn’t qualify). No worries–there a lots of other teams competing in the world cup. Here are some

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Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?


It seems like we hear mixed message about how safe it is to travel to Egypt. Egypt definitely has its fair share of terrorist attacks, safety scares and violent protests. However, it also has numerous tourist attractions and historical significance,

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Overseas Travel: Be sure to pack these items

overseas travel

Are you planning any overseas travel this Spring or Summer? We hope so! Traveling is amazing and a great way to expand our understanding of the world and ourselves. If this is your first overseas trip there are a few

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How to Keep Altitude Sickness at Bay While Traveling

altitude sickness

Has Altitude Sickness Ever Happened to You? Don’t let altitude sickness ruin your trip. Does this sound familiar?  Despite a good night sleep you wake up with no energy the next day, and climbing a few stairs feels like trudging

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