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Eco-Friendly Travel Experiences

Eco-Friendly Travel Experiences

Eco-Friendly Travel has Become Very Popular As we become more and more aware of our limited resources and the need to protect the environment, travelers are turning toward Eco-friendly travel trends that make them feel good about taking time off.

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Paid Vacation Days Around the World

Do you get paid vacation days? If you do, you are extremely luck. Did you know that the United States is the only advanced country that does not require employers to provide paid vacation days? Other countries often have more

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Passport Stamps: How many do you have?

Passport stamps

…and how do I get more of them? Do you have a passion for collecting? Coins, cars, actions figures, comics, salt & pepper shakers, art, or passport stamps. The list is endless. If you combine your passion for collecting with

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Ancestral Travel: Discover Your Roots

Ancestral Travel cover photo

Ancestral Travel is a very different and often emotional type of travel experience. For many it is a trip of lifetime that fosters a deeper connection to who you are and where come from. It will change you. Put on

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Experience True Local Culture While Traveling

local culture while traveling

How often do real local culture experiences happen? The notion of visiting a place and having meaningful interactions with locals and experiencing true local culture is a romantic notion, but it can be hard to come by in reality. Chatting

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5 Tips for Amazing Pics with Your Smart Phone

Take great pics anywhere, anytime with your smart phone! Don’t miss those unrepeatable moments. These 5 tips will help you shoot like the pros with nothing but you phone and a quick finger! 1. Keep you Camera Ready! Make sure

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Flying with Kids

flying with kids

What’s worse than sitting next to an oversharing, gossipy talker on a long flight? Sitting next to a screaming baby? Or maybe being the parent of a screaming child and trying everything to calm your sweet pea down while dodging

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One Bite at a Time: Eating in Budapest

Budapest skyline

There are so many traditional Hungarian dishes to try in Budapest that will all leave you feeling comforted and full. We are going to discuss a few popular traditional dishes that you can find in most restaurants that will match

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Know Before You Go: Tips for Traveling to London

travling to London

Check out these posts and tips on what you should know before traveling to London. “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”            ~Samuel Johnson Planning

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One Bite at a Time: Eating in Paris

eating in a paris restaurant

Make a Plan for Eating in Paris Strolling along a tree lined boulevard in Paris, shop keepers sweeping off their stoops, a stray dog darts across the street, and soft music plays from an open window. You enter a small

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Be Prepared

Make photocopies of all your important documents: your passport, car-rental documents, railway passes, your itinerary, prescriptions, etc.  Take photos on your smart phone and/or have copies in your luggage.  You're not likely to lose your wallet, phone and luggage all at the same time.  As a backup, leave a copy with a friend or family member back Read More


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Broken in Brazil

"We were in a third-world country. You do not want to have that kind of surgery in those conditions, especially when you don´t speak the language. You need to be close to home, close to your doctors, not only for surgery, but for the recovery. I am forever grateful that there is a service like this out there. If I didn´t have it, I would still be in Brazil recovering." Read More

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