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Five of the Best Places to Buy Vacation Rentals

vacation rentals

With the advent of AirBNB and other companies for vacation rentals, people have a greater opportunity to expand not only their travel choices but their investment options. Here are some interesting possibilities to consider. But remember, you should always get

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Skip the Line Tours: When is it worth it?

skip the line tours

Have you caught onto the Skip the Line Tours trend yet? If you haven’t, it might be a game changer for your next vacation. Let’s face it. Time is limited and time is money. You don’t want to spend half your

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Traveling with Kids? Here Are Some Great Tips

traveling with kids

Traveling with Kids Doesn’t Have to Drive You Insane You haven’t lived until you’ve flown with an airsick toddler, or realized too late that the 10-day forecast for your family’s tropical vacation destination is rain – and you’re traveling with

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2019 Travel Trends: What’s in store for next year?

2019 Travel trends

What’s in store for 2019 Travel Trends? Planning anything big for next year? Now is the time to start thinking about those vacation days you are going to rack up in 2019. What’s on your bucket list? We’ve compiled the latest

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Labor Day Vacations: Summer’s Last Hurrah!

labor day vacations

It’s hard to believe Labor Day will be upon us in just a few short weeks. Summer is officially more than half over. The best way to combat the depression of summer’s end is to start planning an amazing Labor

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The Ultimate Checklist for an Unforgettable Family Vacation

family vacation

A family vacation can be the highlight of the summer (or the year) where many memories are made. Family bonding is at the top of the list of priorities, as well as a long, and sometimes daunting, checklist of things to

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Spring Flower Festivals to Visit Right NOW!

Spring flower festivals

Do you need some spectacular beauty in your life? Of course you do! Here are 10 Spring Flower Festivals in Europe for you to enjoy now! Check out the Telegraph’s guide to Europe’s best blooms, featuring flower festivals in: France

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Madeira has the Ultimate Spring Weather


Are you longing for real Springtime weather? Madeira quite possibly has the best spring weather–all the time! The US Midwest and other areas are getting repeatedly slammed with icy, wintry weather this Spring. For those of us who are sick

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How to Keep Altitude Sickness at Bay While Traveling

altitude sickness

Has Altitude Sickness Ever Happened to You? Don’t let altitude sickness ruin your trip. Does this sound familiar?  Despite a good night sleep you wake up with no energy the next day, and climbing a few stairs feels like trudging

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Tips on How to Save Money on a Cruise

How to Save Money on a Cruise

Cruise ship vacations can be enjoyed by the whole family. Many cruise lines cater to families, couples, have particular themes, and always include lots of food and entertainment. It kind of seems like an “all inclusive” deal, so the big

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Do You Plan to Drive Overseas?

If you plan to drive overseas, you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). Read More


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