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The #1 Way People Get Sick on Vacation

sick on vacation

Planning for a trip or vacation requires a lot of preparation. One thing most of us don’t think about is getting sick on vacation. Traveling can also be extremely stressful, even though the destination is hopefully relaxing. Germs hide in

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Where do the most wildfires occur?


Wildfires are not something that most people think to worry about when they are planing a vacation. Unless there is one currently happening where you are going. However, wildfires can spring up just about anywhere there are trees and forests.

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How Bad has 2018 been for Cybersecurity Breaches?

cybersecurity breaches

Do you want the good news or the bad news first on cybersecurity breaches? Good news: The first half of 2018 saw less government leaks and global ransomware attacks than this time last year. That is reassuring. Bad news: Online

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Emergency Assistance: How to Get Help at a U.S. Embassy

Emergency Assistance

Where to go if you need Emergency Assistance If you are traveling in another country and need emergency assistance, you should contact the U.S. embassy in that country. U.S. embassies and consulates are located around the world in countries that

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Beautiful Waterfalls around the World

waterafalls at Niagara

Waterfalls of the World It’s not hard to understand how the majestic beauty of waterfalls have intrigued people since the beginning of time.  The sound of rushing water, rainbows shooting out of the foam, the feel of mist gently landing

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Hotels with the Best Skyline Views

view of a large city skyline at night

Which Cities Have the Best Skyline Views? We can all get tired of seeing the same thing every day, even though there really is no place like home. Once in awhile it does a body good to breath different air

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Easter Celebrations around the World

Romanian Easter eggs

How do other countries celebrate Easter? It is not just Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. Easter is a very sacred religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Chris from the grave. Many counties have week-long celebrations, customs, parades, and

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Spring Around the World

field of purple and white Spring crocuses

Spring is on it’s way! In some places around the world it is already here (or it never really left). The East coast and Midwestern areas of the Unites States have experienced some bizarre weather this winter. On more than

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Documents for Children

Some countries have special document requirements for children Read More


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Broken in Brazil

"We were in a third-world country. You do not want to have that kind of surgery in those conditions, especially when you don´t speak the language. You need to be close to home, close to your doctors, not only for surgery, but for the recovery. I am forever grateful that there is a service like this out there. If I didn´t have it, I would still be in Brazil recovering." Read More

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