Broken in Bali

Woman With WalkerWhen a fellow Rotarian suggested an Air Ambulance Card membership, Mary Stenseth bought it. She had yet to realize, however, just exactly why she needed it.

Over the New Year holiday, Stenseth decided to cap off a mission trip to Thailand with a personal trip to Bali. While sightseeing in an outdoor market, Stenseth tripped on a boulder in the road and broke her hip. A local ambulance ferried her to an Indonesian hospital. It was the last place she wanted to have the surgery she needed. “Immediately I thought, `My gosh, this is what this membership is for´,” said Stenseth.

“Not only did we get Mary to where she needed to be, but having this membership saved her over $125,000,” said Sam Jackson,  of Air Ambulance Card.

While many air evacuation plans would have transported her only to the “nearest appropriate facility,” which in this case would likely have been a two-hour flight to Singapore, Air Ambulance Card transported Stenseth to the hospital of her choice. Stenseth wanted to be treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, a 26-and-a-half-hour trip from Bali. “We even made a fuel stop in my hometown of San Jose,” said Stenseth, “but it was important to me to have the surgery at Mayo.”

Mary Stenseth San Jose, CA December 12, 2014

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