Lesson Learned in Lapland

“Last year I picked up an Air Ambulance Card membership application in a doctor’s office, intending to purchase a membership for my husband who travels extensively. Unfortunately I never got around to completing the application. In the meantime, my husband collapsed in an airport in Helsinki, Finland and called me while being transported to a hospital there. At 2 AM, I called the number on the Air Ambulance Card application, hoping they could advise me on the possibilities. They answered the phone on the second ring. When I explained my situation the lady on call said she would have someone call me back right away.

“10 minutes later, Stan Bradley, the Managing Director of the company called me to give me the numbers of 2 air ambulance services with whom I could deal directly. As it turned out, my husband was able to return to the US on a commercial flight, but in the meantime, I learned that it would cost over $60,000 to fly him back to the states via one of these private air ambulance services. You can imagine that I was kicking myself for having not purchased the card when I had the opportunity.

“But that’s not all. At 3 PM the next afternoon, I got a call from Stan Bradley just checking in to see if everything turned out okay. This is definitely the kind of company I want to do business with and I am now an Air Ambulance Card holder, as is my husband. Lesson learned.”

Jan Bowler Durango, Colorado December 12, 2014

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Anna Frazelle wrightsville Beach, NC

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