Sally’s Spill in Spain

Spain 2011 063 Sally Moninger was just starting a vacation in Toledo, Spain and was on her way to breakfast when she broke her ankle during a fall down the stairs in her hotel.  Moninger was first treat for injuries in a hospital in Spain, but she and her husband were concerned about the quality of care and a significant language barrier. “We couldn’t speak the language at all, it was a Castilian Spanish, and we just couldn’t get any of it,” said Bill Moninger. What they did understand was that the doctor was recommending surgery within 3 days. “We didn’t know the competency level, it could have been great, but we didn’t speak the language. It just didn’t look like a good situation.”

The Moningers are members of Air Ambulance Card.   “I went back to the hotel and got on the phone right away. I told them I had the card and gave him the number and he said, `Well, that’s why you belong to Air Ambulance Card.´” Air Ambulance Card dispatched a jet and a medical crew that flew the Moningers back home to Colorado, where Sally had surgery and physical therapy.

The ability to come home for surgery not only gave the Moningers peace of mind, it also saved them from the cost and hassle of an unplanned stay in Toledo, Spain. Bill Moninger says it turned their experience from a nightmare to what he calls a `relatively pleasant´ experience. “When I called Air Ambulance Card and told them what was going on they didn’t hesitate to say that’s why you have this coverage and we´ll get the wheels rolling for you, and they did.”

Sally Moninger Loveland, Colorado December 12, 2014

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