Slippery Slopes in Utah

Ski patrol team rescue woman skier with broken legIf you’re heading for the slopes this winter… we’ve got good news and bad. Thanks to better equipment, the rate of reported skiing injuries has declined 50 percent over the last four decades.  Broken leg and knee injuries continue to be the most common type of injury reported.  At Air Ambulance Card, we know this story well. Ask member Robin Benton:

“It was the last day of our trip, the last run down the mountain. I had two or three tibial fractures. With such a delicate surgery, I didn´t want to be put in a hospital with unknown doctors.” Dr. Benton broke her leg skiing in Utah. Air Ambulance Card airlifted Benton to the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans to be operated on by her colleagues.

Dr. Robin Benton New Orleans, LA December 12, 2014

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Costa Rica Fall

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Anna Frazelle wrightsville Beach, NC

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