Top 5 Places to Visit in March

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best Places to Travel in March

With the season of Spring AND Spring Break plans on the horizon, we thought a list of the best places to visit in March would be helpful.

Where are you going for Spring Break?

Napa Valley, California

This western region of the US could use a little tourist love. For the most part is has recovered from the wildfires that surged through the area late last Fall. Mother nature is amazing and visitors can expect lush green rolling hills and amazing vistas.

Places to Travel in March

Amsterdam, Netherlands

March is the perfect time to visit this Dutch haven. It is not the peak of tourist season. If you don’t mind it being a bit chilly, you will be able to discover the city in all of it’s amazing architecture, without fighting elbow to elbow. The Five Days Off festival in March is a must-do. It is an amazing music festival in Amsterdam that takes place each year in March and is held indoors at two of Amsterdam’s best concert venues.

best Places to Travel in March

Dublin, Ireland

March is the month for St. Patrick’s day, after all. However celebrating in the Motherland is NOTHING like being in the Unites States. No rivers turn green, and the college kids don’t get ridiculously hammered–ok maybe they do, but not more than usual. Watch the parade that goes through the Temple Bar district. It winds along cobblestone streets past centuries-old Irish Pubs.

Top 5 Places to Visit in March


Iceland is becoming a very popular and more affordable destination lately. Just like Amsterdam, it is off-peak in March, so you can find some superb deals. March is also the tail end of the perfect time to see the Aurora Borealis (Oct-March). March is also the start of Spring there, so temps will be starting to rise slightly.

London, England

There are so many reasons to visit London at least once in your lifetime. The famous sights like Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and more. Not to mention the shopping, nightlife and the people. March can be an ideal time to go.

We want to hear about your travel plans for 2018. Where are you going?

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