Travel Documents 101: Create Backup Copies

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Travel Documents

Did you make copies of your travel documents?

travel documents

If you are headed overseas for the first time, CONGRATULATIONS! We wish you a safe and happy journey. This trip will be full of firsts for you, including getting your first passport.

If it isn’t your first trip using travel documents, we’d still like to encourage you to read these tips on making copies of your travel documents in case of an emergency. If your passport is lost or stolen, do you know what do to?

Create a Travel Documents Emergency Kit

Before you travel, take some time to create back up copies of the following documents and information:

  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Photocopy of driver’s license
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Extra photos. Pack a few extra passport size photos. They don’t cost much and it is far easier to take them with you than to get them made abroad.
  • Get a Passport Card. Consider getting a Passport Card now or when you renew your passport next.  It only costs $30.00 and is the size of credit card.   It cannot be used in lieu of a passport for international air travel,  but it is a valid form of identification and proof of citizenship.  It also has your passport number on it and can speed up the replacement process.
  •  Report of the Crime. If your passport was stolen, report it to the local police.  Add a copy of the report to your “emergency kit.” You will have it if you need to provide proof later that the document was stolen.  It is also necessary if you plan to file a claim on a travel insurance policy.

Scan All Travel Documents into a PDF File

It is also a good idea to scan these documents into a PDF file that you can access over the internet or leave them with a friend/relative who could email or fax them to you. If you have a smart phone, you can load the PDF onto the phone or simply take a photo of the passport and driver’s license.

One More Document!

While we are the subject of safe travels and travel tips, have you ever considered what you would do if you got sick or injured while traveling far from home? Many overseas travelers take advantage of a very affordable emergency medical plan which guarantees transportation home in the event of a problem.

Did you know that your health insurance doesn’t work the same once you are 150 or more miles from home? Most likely it states you will be transported to the nearest medical facility. What if that isn’t an ideal place to be treated? What if you need your doctors? Consider adding an emergency medical plan to your travel documents emergency kit. Travel with peace of mind!

Don’t have a plan?…

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