Traveling During Hurricane Season: Tips for Deals & Survival

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hurricane season

We are in the midst of Hurricane Season in the United States and some of you may be second guessing your travel plans. Hurricane Michael ended up being stronger than originally thought. However, when planning for next year, or even in the next few weeks–you don’t necessarily have to avoid this time of year for travel.

Things to consider when traveling during hurricane season

1. Price Breaks

The travel industry knows people may be less inclined to travel during hurricane season so many companies have deals and incentives to boost tourism. With a little bit of planning, you can take advantage of this.

Remember, weather is unpredictable and the odds are pretty low that a storm will hit when and where you are traveling.

2. Get a Medical Emergency Plan and Trip Insurance

Some trips are just worth the extra insurance, and hurricane season is one of them. Be sure to consider all your trip insurance options for flight, accommodations, and car rental. In addition, an Emergency Medical Plan is a great investment, especially if you are traveling multiple times in one year or are traveling overseas. If you get sick or injured, the cost of out of pocket medical transportation can be as much at $100k. For less than the cost of a plane ticket your whole family can be covered.

Don’t have a plan? GET A PLAN

3. Cruises are a great way to go!

Cruises are a pretty safe option when considering traveling during hurricane season. Even though it is counter intuitive (open water and all that) it actually does make sense if you think about it. Cruise lines have amazing weather technology and can adjust their stops and route if there is a storm in their path.

If there is a hurricane looming, a cruise ship can get ahead of it and head out to see. You are far safer being at sea than on land during a hurricane. Plus, there are some really really great cruise deals this time of year.

4. Be Flexible

If you do plan a trip during hurricane season do it with an open mind and flexible schedule. Flights can get delayed and plans may have to be changed. It doesn’t mean your trip will necessarily be cancelled, just changed. If you know this going in it is less likely to cause stress. Include buffer travel time on either of your trip just in case.

hurricane season


5. Be Prepared

In the event that you will have to travel some extra days or be delayed–pack accordingly. Extra clothes, medications and available vacation time at work are all things to consider.

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6. Choose your travel providers wisely

Picking the cheapest options aren’t always the best way to go this time of year. Many travel providers have a lot of experience dealing with hurricane season and have built in safety measures. They also know how to save you time and money in the event of a hurricane. Always read the fine print and ask a lot of questions.

The Take Away

You don’t need to avoid hurricane season when making travel plans and there are many great deals out there. Just be sure to include some pre-planning measures and never forget the trip insurance and a medical emergency plan.

Happy Travels! We Bring You Home!

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