Traveling with Cash

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traveling with cash

Should You Travel With Cash? traveling with cash

There is no right or wrong answer to this. It’s a personal preference (or necessity), but if you are traveling with cash, we’ve compiled some tips on how to be smart about it and keep your money safe.

In an earlier post we discussed 4 Ways To Travel Safely With Money. While there is good info there about credit cards, decoy wallets, using ATM machines, and splitting your money up–the information below relates directly to carrying cold, hard cash!

Carrying Cash While Traveling

Places NOT to carry cash:

  • Pursetraveling with cash
  • Wallet
  • Shirt pockets
  • Pants Pockets (front and back)*
  • Backpack

All the above places are obvious and easy to snatch or pickpocket.

*Side note: It is a good idea to keep a small amount of local currency in an easy to access place like a pocket–this makes paying for small purchases easier. You don’t have to dig around for your hidden money and flash it around. Plus, if you do get pick pocketed, you aren’t losing much.

Places TO carry cash:

  • Money belt or pouchtraveling with cash
  • Hidden Pocket
  • Sock
  • Safety pin it inside the clothes you are wearing
  • Divide it up
  • Safe places with a traveling companion

In other words, don’t put your cash anywhere visible or obvious, and don’t put it all in the same place.

Additional Safe Habits When Traveling with Cash

  • Avoid using hotel safes. They are pretty easy to break into.
  • Keep a dummy wallet with a fake or expired credit card and a small amount of cash. If you are robbed or pick pocketed, you won’t be losing much. Plus, you can throw it to distract a possible robber.

Where do you stash your money when you are traveling with cash? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Travels!

One More Thing…

Protect all of your money in the bank with an emergency medical plan. If you get sick or injured while traveling your health or travel insurance may not fully cover you–and they probably won’t cover you to be transported home. We Bring You Home!

Don’t have a plan?


2 comments on “Traveling with Cash
  1. Sidney says:

    Some times when I traveled I stick some in the shoe, some in the sock, some inside my pants, some in each pocket and some in the hat.

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