What if this happens to you while traveling?

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injury while traveling

Have you ever been injured while traveling?

We hope it wasn’t too serious, but if you required medical attention and you were more than 150 miles away from home, did you quickly find out your insurance didn’t work quite the same?

If you live within the US and have health insurance you probably assume that if you get sick orinjury while traveling inured while traveling you will be covered. If you are traveling outside the US you probably also assume that your insurance will cover some of your expenses. While this might be sort of true, you may not realize that you could lose control of the type of care you receive.

Typically, the fine print on health insurance policies state that if you are more than 150 miles from home you will be taken to the nearest medical facility. As in, the closest possible place you can get care. While this sounds like a good idea in an emergency–the closest care facility might not be ideal for your injury. If you have to be transferred, that might not be covered.

Double Check Your Insurance Policy Before Traveling

We encourage everyone who will be traveling to check their medical coverage policy on travel. This includes:

Instead of increasing your current health insurance plan, which could incur unnecessary costs and include a lot of paperwork–not to mention reverting to your original policy when you return–look into an emergency medical plan instead. For less than the cost of a plane ticket you can supplement your coverage to include medical transportation home if you are sick or injured while traveling.

Don’t have a plan?


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