Ziplock Bags are Your Friend!

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Slider Storage BagsThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) limits carry-on liquids to a 3-1-1 rule-3 ounce bottles in 1, 1-quart zip-top bag, but there are many other uses for those handy bags when you travel.

More than just liquids

I always take several zip top bags with me when I travel– both the quart, gallon and 2-gallon sizes.

  • I keep a quart bag  in my brief case or carry-on bag to hold all the stuff from my pockets when I go through security.  Just drop all that loose stuff-pens, wallet, watch, phone, glasses, etc-in the bag, zip it shut,  and put it back in the carry-on bag or in the tray for the x-ray machine.
  • I  put my Passport in a zip top bag to protect it and I leave it in the bag when I get back home so that it never gets ruined.
  • If  you are on a boat, at the beach or near a pool, slip you cell phone in bag to prevent it from getting splashed or dunked.
  • They are also great for organizing your medications-you can easily see what is in them.
  • Cosmetics are easier to locate in a ziplock bag.
  • Put your contact information and itinerary in a bag and put it inside a pocket in your luggage-if your luggage is lost the airline can use the itinerary to locate you and get the bag delivered to you.
  • Keep your earbuds and phone charger/cable in one for quick location.
  • Seasick or airsick-they make great barf bags.

Use the larger ones too

  • The larger size bags are great for wet or damp clothes (swimsuit) that you have to put in your luggage.
  • It is also a great way to organize small things like socks, scarfs or handkerchiefs.
  • Slip your iPad or e-reader into one for an instant and cheap waterproof case.
  • A 2-gallon size bag is a great compression bag for bulky clothes like sweaters
  • Slip wet or dirty shoes into a 2-gallon bag.
  • Keep a large bag in your backpack or day bag for your rain jacket.
  • Put any and all liquids in your checked bags in a Ziploc bag to prevent leakage and ruining your clothes.
  • Protect  your travel insurance and medical information in one.

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